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Varna / Vladislavovo district
Situated on the street. Price: 40000 € New two-bedroom apartment in the heart of city Varna!
Varna / Top Centre
Only 200 meters away from the Sea garden! Price: 650 € A two-bedroom apartment in the picturesque area of Alen Mak!
Varna region / Alen mak
At 900 m from the beach! Price: 67000 €

Apartments in residential complex in the area of Briz!

Varna Briz

Regulated plot of land in Obzor!

Burgas region Obzor

Investment project of apart-building!

Varna region Byala

Two-bedroom apartment in a luxury complex in Briz!

Varna Briz

New apartments in the area of Okrajna Bolnitza (Regional Hospital)!

Varna Regional Hospital

New apartments in the quarter of Zavod Drujba!!

Varna Drujba Facility

Family-run Hotel *** in the area Chaika!

Varna region resort Chaika

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